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Features: Accrued interest on the deposit is paid to the Depositor immediately after the opening a deposit account, net of income tax.

Recommended to: Individuals who wish to receive interest on the deposit right after opening a deposit account.

     If the depositor has an opportunity to put in funds on a fixed term and wants to receive an interest of the deposit in advance deposit "Behtarin" is the best choice.

     The interest rate on the deposit depends on the currency of the deposit.

   In the case of early withdrawal of the deposit by the Depositor, the Bank calculates the interest by the rate intended for the savings deposit "Classic", and after deducting the advance interest which was received by the Depositor when opening the deposit account, pays off to the Depositor.

     All other procedures on deposit "Behtarin" are performed on the common basis.

The general conditions on the time deposit «Behtarin»


Somoni, US Dollars, Euro, Russ Rubles;

Term of use

1 year;

Minimum deposit amount

  •     In Somoni – not less than 1000
  •     US Dollars – not less than 300
  •     Russ Roubles – not less than 5000
  •     Euro – not less than 200

Interest rate on deposit

  •     In Somoni – 14%
  •     US Dollars – 12%
  •     Russ Roubles – 9%
  •     Euro – 6%

Amount of additional receipt of funds

· Not provided

The duration of interest calculation


Term and procedure of interests

charges on the deposit

Cash given right after opening deposit account and replenishing funds. 


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