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The history of the Bank

    By the constituent agreement as of 14 February 1992, on the basis of the Tajik Join-stock Commercial Agro-industrial Bank Agroprombank of USSR, the Tajik Republican Join-stock Commercial Agro-industrial bank was established. At the constituent assembly of the 22 February 1992, the bank was reformed into Joint-stock commercial agro-industrial bank "Shark" (JS AIB "Shark"). On 13 November 1997 at the Banks Board meeting, decision about reformation of JS AIB "Shark" into Joint-stock agro-industrial investment bank (JS AIIB "Agroinvestbank").  On 30 March 2002, the General Assembly of the bank decided to reform the bank into Open Joint Stock Society "Agroinvestbank".  
    By the decision of the General Assembly of the shareholders of JSC "Agroinvestbank" by the agreement with the International Monetary Fund and National bank of Tajikistan by the end of 2003 actions, directed at structural reorganization and financial restructuring of the bank was conducted at the JSC "Agroinvestbank".  By 1st of January one of the components of the bank that was specialising on pre-exporting crediting of cotton-growing farms at the expense of foreign investments separated from the JSC "Agroinvestbank". Hence, separate independent financial organization CJSC "Credit-Invest" was established. The results of reorganization and financial restructuring of the Bank were confirmed by the findings of the independent audit company Price Water House Coopers Accountant N.V (Amsterdam).  
    On 12 August 2009 unforgettable and important historical event occurred in the activity of the bank. An agreement was signed between JSC "Agroinvestbank" and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development of the latter entry into the capital stock of the bank.  On 28 October 2009, transferring 11,5  mln USD to the account of "Agroinvestbank" (50 mln somoni), EBRD obtained 25% +1 share of the bank. Entering the capital stock of "Agroinvestbank" became logical continuation of productive five-year partnership between these two financial institutions.

Branches of the Bank

33 Branches