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     Provision of efficient introduction of new services and their compliance with the increasing requirements of the Banks clients is the fundamental factor under the conditions of increasing competition among bank structures that provide deposit services to the population.
OJSC "Agroinvestbank" offers you several types of fixed period and saving deposits each of which developed on a maximum profitable for you conditions.
In spite of different conditions of saving and fixed period deposits, the common thing will be:

  • Deposits are executed according to application and documents certifying identity;
  • Their execution is approved by agreement about bank deposit, issuance of deposit book and plastic card;
  • Charging interests is done in availability of balance on deposit account of not less than 100 units of currency in which an account is opened.
     For the purpose of social support of depositors from among disabled, participants of the WWII and those with the same status, if they wish, the Bank can offer to deliver accrued interests on a free of charge basis.
     Term of repayment on all saving deposits is fixed as till called for, i.e. the depositor can accumulate and spend money from his/her deposit account at any time, within the agreed conditions set in the bank deposit agreement. 
Interest rate on each type of deposits is set upon defining interest policy on deposits by the Bank.
     All the requirements on reception, servicing, charging and payment of interest, procedures on relationships with Depositor should be  planned in details on the bank deposit agreements.

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