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The service “Retail credit – Overdraft” from OJSC “Agroinvestbank”.

Overdraft is a short-term loan provided by the Bank to the Borrower – holder of a Bank payment card. Bank payment card with overdraft can be considered as an electronic purse with the possibility of using a bank loan.

The main conditions of overdraft credits on salary bank cards

Who can receive overdraft?

Citizenof RT, employee of Organization is the participant of the project of payment of salaries through bank payment cards issued by OJSC “Agroinvestbank” and who worked in Organization at least 6 months

How to make an overdraft to bank payment card?

To receive overdraft to bank payment card of employee , the organization needs to sign the additional agreement to the contract of rendering services of issuance cash to employees of Organization using payment cards of OJSC “Agroinvestbank”, fill in and submit to Bank’s Department, that provides serves your organization, next documents:

- Individual borrower’s application form on opening overdraft on special card account

Whether the surety?

Not required

What is the maximum size of overdraft limit?

50% of average size of monthly credited funds from the clients card account for the last 6 months.

Credit currency

Currency deposit account that is attached to the bank payment card

What is the maximum term for debt?

30 days after the occurrence of the first overdraft

Overdraft type

Renewable, that is at maturity of debt overdraft limit again becomes available to reuse.

Overdrafts can be used as the entire sum at once, and the different parts.

What are the waystorepay the overdraft?

Repayment of the overdraft and interest payments for the use of the overdraft can be done:

--By withholding the amounts without entering into card account attached to bank payment card (you do not need to be present in the Bank and take any action), or

- By self-supplementary contribution to the card account (through the bank, money transfer, or ATMs with cash acceptor (CASH-IN)

What are the interest rates for overdraft?

31% annuallyon the outstanding amount in case of compliance of terms of repayment

37.5% annually on the outstanding amount in case of violation of the terms of repayment

How much will it really cost?

No additional fees for consideration of applications and the establishment of an overdraft limit!

No any monthly fees for overdraft services!

You can always

It is always possible to know the size of the overdraft and remaining balance of your account on the map:

By the statements at ATM

When you receive statements at ATMs of our Bank, you can view information about:

- the available funds, including account balance + overdraft balance;

- the permitted overdraft limit (constant)

By SMS-alert

If you use services of SMS-alert, you must send SMS to number 6868 with the text message 100XXXX, where XXXX is the last 4-digits of the card. In response you will receive message with the remaining balance on your account.

Other ways

It can be known by next ways:

- Requesting an extract on card account in your personal appearance in the Bank Department

- Calling to the Bank’s Department that serves you

- Using remote access service “Internet Banking”


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