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Classic +

Use of plastic cards gives the Depositor opportunity to do clearing transitions such as paying for goods and services at enterprises of trade and services that accept cards for servicing in Tajikistan as well as outside of it and payment for public services and for services of mobile operators. They allow obtaining required amount of cash within the daily limits set by the Bank in withdrawing cash from any ATM and/or cash issue offices in National currency of Tajikistan somoni, and outside of Tajikistan in the national currency of the country of stay, and also get interests for the deposit, which are entered in the deposit account after deduction of tax.
Agroinvestbank offers its Clients the following varieties of plastic cards:

  • STB Professional this card is of Russian payment system, which is being serviced in Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan. It requires daily limit of cash withdrawal;
  • Visa Electron and Maestro cards of International payment system which are serviced in most countries of the world. It requires the initial payment in the amount of $ 50 USD;
  • Visa Classic and Visa Gold are cards of representative level. It requires availability of insurance deposit in the amount of 100 and 300 USD accordingly.
Technical opportunities of these cards are proposed to be divided by type of use. For instance,
  • Private  - for individual use by one holder of account at the bank (top up the account by the owner himself, entering of salary and so on)
  • Family for a use of one account by a group of people, independent from location (by the clients application another, additional card will be opened to the clients key account);
  • Corporate for use of one account by employees of an enterprise by proxy from the manager (under the Contract with the enterprise a card with the companys account will be opened for employees for representation and travel expenses);
  • Salary for enterprises, which through conducting appropriate Agreement with the Bank, distributes the salary to private accounts of their employees opened at the Bank. For these purposes, private accounts are opened on preferential terms, plastic cards are made and issued for distribution and entering of salary.
  • Depending from operations and where the Depositor wants to run them, he/she is offered one year or two year type of card.
A fee is charged for making plastic card in compliance with Tariffs for rendered services of Agroinvestbank .

Main conditions on saving deposit Classic +

Minimum amount of deposition
Term of use Till called for and unlimited;
Interest rate on deposit In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date;
Special conditions on the deposit Possibility of capitalization of interests on the deposit;
Possibility of obtaining plastic card;
Amount of additional receipt of funds Unlimited;
Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit Monthly capitalization;
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