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Features: Offers application of charged interests on increasing the accounts balance or their receipt once during calendar year. It foresees annual New Year present to the Depositor. It is executed on the name of the under-age person upon submission of certificate of birth.

Recommended: To physical persons who want to accumulate and increase particular amount of money for their children or other persons who have not reached adult age.
Childrens fixed period deposit (further deposit Nasl) is executed for a person, who will consequently be disponent of this account, on the basis of a written application of one the parents (guardian) and certificate of birth of their child (children). Besides this type of deposit can be opened and renewed in an established order by the physical person, who is not parent or guardian to the child.
The initial contribution to the deposit account Nasl can be done in National or foreign easily converted currency in the amount of 100 accounts units (in Russian roubles 1000).
Interest rate at the moment is set as following:

     On the deposit Nasl application of the charged interests on increasing the accounts balance is foreseen. In case of refusal from capitalization, by the person who opened the deposit, withdrawal of interests by him/her will be possible not more than one time during the calendar year.
In case interests are not withdrawn or there is no written order from the person, executing the deposit, interests at the end of the year are subject for being applied at increase of the deposit accounts balance.
  Moreover, every year the bank commits itself to make New Year present from the 20th to 31 December to the Depositor before him/her reaching 10 years.

The general conditions for the juvenile time deposit Nasl

Minimum amount of deposit 

Not less than 100 units of accounts currency; (in Russian roubles 1000).

Term of use

Until reaching adulthood;

Interest rate on deposit

In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date;

Special conditions on the deposit

Possibility of capitalization of interests on the deposit;

Amount of additional receipt of funds

Unlimited, but not less than 20 units of accounts currency for 1 inpayments in the deposit;

Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit

Capitalization once a year;


Branches of the Bank

33 Branches