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Bank warranty is one of the means of ensuring execution of liabilities, in which a Bank, other crediting institution or an insurance organization (guarantor) issues by the request of the debtor (principal) commitment letter to pay the lender (beneficiary) money upon presenting by him request about repayment.

Conditions for issuing bank warranty and their types:

Types of guarantees

1. Tender warranty.
2. Performance warranty.
3. Payment warranty.
4. Warranty of repaying advance payment.

Fee on issuing warranty

  • With providing cover 0,1% of the amount
  • Without providing cover upon agreement (min.100 somoni). Not less 2% annual.


0,2% from the warranty amount

Fee on changing warrantys conditions

0,1 % from the warrantys sum (min- 100 somoni, max- 400 somoni).

Annulment of warranty upon expiration

0,1 % from the warrantys sum (min - 100 somoni, max - 400 somoni).

Sending messages on issuance and approval of warranty on SWIFT

  • Physical persons, that transfer money in foreign currency without opening deposit account through correspondent banks accounts: 0,6 % of the transfers sum.
  • Physical persons that provide payment order on transfer of money in foreign currency outside of the country through opening for them saving account: 0,6 % of the transfers sum.
  • One-time banks clients (legal persons) providing payment order on the transfer outside of Republic of Tajikistan, from the accounts opened by them for the purposes of conversion of available cash assets into noncash foreign currency: 0,6% of the transfers sum.
  • To other clients thought SWIFT or Telex (all currencies): 0,01% from the sum (not less than 30 and not more than 100 USD)

Documents, required for issuing warranty

Letters from legal persons with compulsory indication of type, amount and term of warranty.

Term of warranty

To 1 year .

List of required documents for presenting warranty to private entrepreneurs:

  • Application for receiving bank warranty (completed at the Bank in an established form);
  • Business plan;
  • Copies of contracts and agreements with partners;
  • Certificate about state registration in the capacity of an individual entrepreneur;
  • Package of document of the offered security under bank warranty (technical passport of the object, certificate about legalization of property and other);

List of required documents for providing warranty for legal persons:

  • Application for receiving bank warranty in an established form, stating content of the statement;
  • Charter of the organization (notarized copy);
  • Certificate on state registration of the organization in the capacity of legal person;
  • Copy of flyer (maktubi akhboroti) from Tax agency by place of residence;
  • Decision of the constituent assembly on the issue of bank warranty;
  • Copies of orders on assigning heads of the enterprise;
  • Licence on implementing entrepreneurship activity of economy sector;
  • Copies of passports of the heads of the organization;
  • Balance sheets for the last 3 years of the organizations activity;
  • Breakdown of debit and credit debts;
  • Income and loss reports;
  • Copies of contracts and agreements with partners;

Branches of the Bank

33 Branches