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Safe operations

     Keeping valuables, cash assets, and documents at home or at the office is risk-bearing for you and your relatives’ life and health. «Agroinvestbank» offers the most secured method of keeping valuables– lock boxes.
«Agroinvestbank» realizes lock box operations through presenting legal and physical persons temporary use of individual special lock boxes of different sizes for 10, 20 days, a month or more.
     We offer you for lease one or several individual lock boxes of desired sizes under conditions that comply with bank rules and requirements foreseen by the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan. Information about the lease holder of lock boxes is strictly confidential. Placement of valuables of a client (lease holder) in the container of the lock box is done in the specially equipped room free of outliers and in the presence of a responsible bank officer.


     «Agroinvestbank» ensures full confidentiality and safety of the content of you lock box, and also provides access to the lock box at any convenient for the client time during Bank working hours.

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