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"Internet banking" service from OJSC "Agroinvestbank"

OJSC Agroinvestbank offers to all Agroinvestbank cardholders  - the system of distant bank service , which provides you with a high-grade bank services online from any place of the world at any time."Internet banking"
"Internet banking" is the possibility to make transactions through the account opened in JSC Agroinvestbank, without visiting our office.
 "Internet banking" allows you to:
Receive information on the account balance;
Receive a statement about cash flows on the bank account;
Make transfers from one card to another / from account to account (within bank);
Subscribe your card to the SMS - or E-mail-notifications about cash flow on the account;
Create the virtual shopping card for online stores;
Pay for services of various suppliers of the goods and services (will be available from June-July, 2012).
Service registration:
You need to approach to any division of the bank fill an application and sign the contract to connect to the system (registration of service is possible only with the passport existence);
On the next day after connection you should receive an envelope with user name and a password to log in to the system in the same bank office (except of the faraway regions);
If the card is received within the salary project from the organization, the organization has to provide the list of employees who want to connect to the service, and also the contracts signed by employees for the Internet banking connection. In virtue of the letter bank connects the staff to the service.
The commission for connection of service will be written off from the customer account without notice.
When connecting to the Internet banking service you get Mobile Banking service absolutely free which functions identically to "Internet banking".

Financial terms:

- annual Internet banking fee 5 USD
- transferring funds from card to card/account to account (within bank) 0,3% of sum
- subscription to the SMS - or E-mail-notifications 3 USD annually
- cost of the virtual card for 3 months usage 1 USD
- card blocking fee free
- card unblocking fee 2,10 USD
- Review of information about fund movement on the account free

Important safety information:
1. After connecting to the "Internet Banking" service and receiving an envelope with user name and password, and before entering into the system, be sure to Read and follow the Rules of distance banking for cardholders of "Agroinvestbank" through the system of "Internet Banking" and the User Guide of work with the distant banking service "Internet banking" of OJSC "Agroinvstbank" which are posted on the banks website next to the "Internet Banking" link;
2. In order to protect the information and transactions in the system from unauthorized access do NOT tell the user name and/or password to third parties. It is also not recommended to save the ID and password in the web browser (you need to cancel the auto-complete password entry forms, or mark 'no' in password save request in the web browser).
3. Do not tell your password to the Bank authorities by phone, email or other means. The password usage is allowed without the participation of Banks staff.
4. When working in the system do not specify the CVV2-code (3 digit numeric code on the back of the card located next to the 16-digit card number.) Remember that banks never ask for this information!
5. For the safe service usage in Internet cafes, hotels and other public places it is recommended to ensure the confidentiality of input and received information, and at the end of work to sign out of the system correctly (you need to click "Exit" in the menu).
6. If the login and/or password information is lost or you have a suspicion of compromise, you should promptly notify any Bank branch by telephone (+992 37) 236-51-69 to block access to the System. Reactivation of service will be performed by the Bank authority based on the Customer's application to issue him a new envelope with the ID name and password.
7. In a case if you forgot the password which have been changed by yourself, you should contact our Customer Support Department at (992 37) 236-51-69 and tell the code word that you specified in the application. Further, the Bank's authority will reset the entered password, after which a password that you received from the Bank will be reactivated.
8. If the System has not been used within 12 months the access to the system will be blocked.

Branches of the Bank

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