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Features:  Type of deposit with simplest conditions.
Recommendation:    To individuals for saving capital.
In cases, when Depositor want to save his/her money for an indefinite time, and also increase the balance of the capital through charged interests, then a saving deposit (further as Classic) is registered.
The initial amount on the deposit Classic is set as 10 somoni in national currency, and in foreign currency in the amount of 10 units of the accounts currency (in Russian roubles 100).
If the Depositor wishes, the Bank can use services on monthly increase of the accounts balance on the amount of charged interests, which at the end of the month is charged to the deposit account. Repayment of charged interests is done according to the bank deposit agreement upon presenting depositing book by the Depositor.
If the Depositor wishes, the depositing book can be changed by plastic card of the OJSC Agroinvestbank

Key conditions on the saving deposit Classic

Minimum amount of deposition

10 units in currency, in Russian roubles of 100 units;

Term of use

Till called for and unlimited;

Interest rate on deposit

According the interest policy of Agroinvestbank on the current date;

Special conditions on the deposit

Opportunity of capitalization of interests on the deposit;
Opportunity to obtain plastic card;
For participants and disabled of the WWII there is an opportunity to arrange free delivery of money domiciliary;

Amount of additional receipt of funds


Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit

Capitalization once per year;

Additional information


Branches of the Bank

33 Branches