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General Information

 Advantages of salary project for your organisation

  • Introduction of automated system of crediting and disbursements
  • Introduction of automated system of crediting and disbursements of salary to employees with use of cards;
  • Transfer of salary to correspondent account of OJSC Agroinvestbank will allow to substantially simplify the work of accountant offices, cash office and reduce number of employees occupied there;
  • Use of cards in paying salary through ATM and offices of issuing cash, reduce expenses of an organization and removes problems of receiving, saving and transportation of cash;
  • Workloads can be removed during the salary payment days;
  • Procedure of developing cash plan is simplified;
  • The problem of depositing unclaimed money balance that trouble the cash plan is removed;
  • The period of issuing salary is increased that removes casual time-out of organization during working days;
  • Opportunity to centrally credit salary and to escape the necessity of collecting funds for salary is offered to organizations that have branches (including in other regions).

Advantages of salary project for employees of your organization: 

  • All inconveniences, linked with necessity to have cash are excluded;
  • OJSC Agroinvestbank cards are personalized and universal paying method, that guarantee complete independence from availability of cash;
  • Rapidity of calculations is ensured;
  • Card holder does not depend on the day and time of salary issuance;
  • Card holder can obtain the requested amount of money at any ATM and/or cash issuance offices , as in Tajikistan as well as outside, and in the currency of the country of residence;
  • Safety of storing money money is reliably stored at the Bank, being available at any time of the day.
  • International cards are paying method that has circulation across the world. In whichever country you are, the amount of purchase will automatically convert into the currency of your account.
  • Employed by payment systems VISA Int., Mastercard Worldwide, conversion rate as a rule is substantially more profitable that the rate in exchange offices.
  • Renewing the card account can be down at any of the branches of the OJSC Agroinvestbank. The divisional network counts 62 branches and 30 separate offices in all the regions of Tajikistan.
  • Obtaining profit the OJSC "Agroinvestbank" credits interests on the balance of amount on private bank accounts. 
  • Renewal of card account  this procedure is absolutely free for the card holder of the OJSC Agroinvestbank; the bank does not levy commissions for this. 
  • You can receive money transfer on the card account in any country of the world.
  • Amounts on the card account are not subject to avowal in tax agencies;
  • The cardholder can pay off purchases and /or services in trade enterprises and services , in Tajikistan as well as outside of it. At this, the Bank does not levy commission for the given operations; 
  • Use money in optimal way;
  • Any criminal situations are excluded linked with getting salary or during purchasing;
  • Loss of card does not mean loss of money (in case of loss or theft of a card, OJSC Agroinvestbank a cardholder can order new card and stop paying with the old one);
An employee of an organization can open additional card to his/her deposit account for member of a family - family cards. Family cards allow members of a family renew the deposit account for other members of a family, independent of their location receive cash or pay for goods and /or services.

Branches of the Bank

33 Branches