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OJSC "Agroinvestbank", starting from September 1, 2011 introduced a new service "SMS-notification" to plastic card holders.  The service "SMS-notification" provides an opportunity to monitor transactions on a plastic card. The information is sent via SMS-messages to a mobile phone of a plastic card holder.

The Bank provides the following information to the holder of plastic card:
On each transaction on the card account of cardholder;
On expiry date of the plastic card;
On services provided by OJSC "Agroinvestbank";

Moreover, holder of a plastic card of OJSC "Agroinvestbank" will receive the following services upon request by sending an SMS-message to number 98 598 6868:
Deactivation of a plastic card; (Deactive 1234*)
Activation of a plastic card; (Active 1234)
Verification of balance on the account: (Balance 1234)
Access denied to incoming SMS-notifications: (Notifyoff 1234)
Access allowed to incoming SMS-notifications: (Notifyon 1234)
Information on foreign exchange rates: (Rate 1234)
List of available commands through SMS: (Command 1234)

*Note: Instead of dialing digits "1234", please dial the last four digits of your card number.
To activate the service "SMS-notification" please proceed to the office of the Bank and fill out an application.

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