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Credit on the scheme «Agrooila» -is a form of a medium term crediting (to12 months) offers opportunity to a borrower and member of his/her family that have homestead land (with the account of 75 thousands ha of land for private homestead farms, which are allocated by the Decree of the GoT as of 09.10.1995 under ¹ 3 342 and by the Presidential Decree from 01.12.1997 under ¹874 (Presidential lands) to receive from the Bank cash assets with the purpose of cultivating agricultural crops.
Crediting on the scheme «Agrooila» is realized under the following conditions:

Requirements to the borrower 1. Age– from 18 to 63 years old, by the peremptory day of repayment of credit for men;
2. Age– from 18 to 58 years old, by the peremptory day of repayment of credit for women;
6. Actual place of residence (registration) – in the Republic of Tajikistan.
Loan currency Somoni, USD, Russian roubles, Euro
Loan size From 100 to1000 USD their equivalent in another currency
Loan term   From 1 to 12 months
Interest rate   According to the interest policy of the Bank
Loan form Cash or noncash (by the borrower’s choice)
Advanced payment Allowed.
Fee for issuing loan   According to the Tariffs on bank services to the clients of «Agroinvestbank»
Source of credit repayment Income obtained from cultivated agricultural products and other additional incomes.
Credit security   1. Homestead;
2. Livestock – all types of reared animals, and poultry that apply to agricultural production;
3. Harvest for the period of crediting;
4. Total amount of the family’s income;
5. Guarantee of physical persons;
Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit * Annuity (monthly, by equal allotment with the account of interest);
** Monthly payment of interests with paying off the main debt at the end of the loan term.
Term of application review   During 4 bank days from the day of submitting complete package by the borrower.
Special conditions 1. Credit is executed by the servicing bank where deposit is kept.
2. Amount of the credit is identified by the loan officer of the bank at presenting preliminary income accounting and necessary for cultivating crops.

For receiving loan on the scheme “Agrooila”, the borrower must submit to the bank (loan officer) the following documents:
·Copies of passports of the borrower and members of the family with indication of place of residence;
· Certificate on the right of land use;
· Certificate from place of work of the borrower and income statement members of his/her family about (if any).
· Documents certifying place of work of the borrower and his/her guarantees’ (job contract, work record card, reference from human resource department);
· Certificate on assignment of Tax identification number (borrower);
· 1 photo of the borrower 3 x 4;

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