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Deposit Muhlatnok - this deposit with fixed term and interest rate, which can be withdrawn only upon expiry of a fixed term or after preliminary notifying the Bank.
To open deposit of fixed period, a physical person should submit the following documents to the bank:

  1. Application for opening an account;
  2. ID (passport or any other replacement to the document).

Fixed period deposit is paid in with one amount and can be renewed depending on the type of the fixed period deposit conditions of which are given in the List of deposit services of Agroinvestbank and is transferred and paid off fully. Partial payment and transfer is of fixed period deposit is not realized.
If depositor, receiving or transferring fixed period deposit upon expiration wants to leave part of it for further saving, then the remaining sum is considered as a new fixed period deposit.
The initial amount of the fixed period deposit cannot be less than 100 somoni in national currency, and in foreign currency no less than 100 units of accounts currency. The amount of the deposit is not limited by size limit. The term of the fixed period deposit is mentioned in the Contract on fixed period deposit.
If the depositor of the fixed period deposit wishes to leave for saving the amount of the deposit after expiration mentioned in the Contract, then a new Contract will be made to the effective Contract. In case if in the day of term expiration of the fixed period deposit, Depositor physical person does not show up for receiving the deposit or making new  contract, then interest charges on current deposit is done based on the set rate for saving deposits.
In cases, when Depositor wants his funds back from the fixed period deposit until expiration term set by the contract on the bank deposit, then funds are returned but interests in them are subject to recalculation on rates, set for saving deposits.

Moreover, Depositor has a right to receive loan on current interest rate for loans, for the amount within the size, term and currency of the fixed period deposit. At this the deposited fixed period deposit will be loan security for the given loan. Credit instruments are executed by separate credit agreement.

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