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Features: the bank independently takes measures on securing purchasing abilities of deposited capital on the deposit account of the Depositor in national currency, through their conversion into one of the world currencies on sale rate on the day receipt of funds to the account.
To physical persons that want through regular payment in the deposit account save and accumulate money by reaching retirement age. In view of supposed duration of term of this type of deposit, by the wish of the Depositor, its independent reissuance is done for bearer. In cases when Depositor of the saving deposit wishes through regular payment of money in the deposit account, accumulate necessary savings by his/her retirement age, as well as protect them from depreciation as a result of inflation, then the Bank can open the Depositor retirement saving account (further deposit Rohat).  Initial deposit on the deposit Rohat is set in the amount of 10 units of currency (in Russian roubles 100). The interest rate is set in the amount of rates, foreseen for saving deposits, but setting increased interest rate is possible. Increased interest rate is set on conditions of receiving obligations by the Depositor on regular renewal of the account and formation of appropriate schedule of entering funds, which is annexed to the deposit contract.  At this the following conditions should be followed:

  • Amount of entered funds should be not less than 20 currency unit of the account;
  • Number of entered funds should be not less than 12 times per year.

     In cases of delay of entering fund by the Depositor, interests for this period will be charged on the regular rate. At entering the amount, identified by the schedule for the time, which comes on the period of delay, charging of interests on high interest rate resumes. The distinctive feature of this type of deposit account is that during receipt of funds to the account in Somoni, the bank will independently, according to the effective rate of foreign currency sale, convert the amount into one of the most hard currencies, on the day of the receipt and make entry in the foreign currency account of the Depositor opened free of charge for this purpose.
Moreover if the Depositor wishes, the Bank offers independent reissuance of the deposit for third person (for holder) under conditions of presenting deposit book and documents, certifying necessity of conducting this procedure (for instance Certificate of death). In this case the deposit is reissued for the person indicated in the condition of the will, in the deposit book which is necessary in issuance of the deposit Rohat. According to the conditions of the contract with the Depositor, in case he/she will not deposit in money for renewing the balance of the deposit account regularly, the bank has a right not to convert entered cash assets into foreign currency. All the other operations on the deposit Rohat are done according to generally established order.

Key conditions on pension saving deposit Rohat

Minimum amount of deposition
Not less than 10 units of accounts currency;
Term of use Till called for and unlimited;
Interest rate on deposit In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date;
Special conditions on the deposit Possibility of capitalization of interests on the deposit;
Amount of additional receipt of funds Unlimited, but not less than 20 units of accounts currency for 1 inpayments in the account; Not less than 12 inpayments in the account for the period of the period of the deposit;
Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit  Capitalization once a year;
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