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Features: Issued in USD and Russian roubles, at the expense of funds transferred from outside of Tajikistan only through the money transfer System.
Recommended: To physical persons, citizens of Tajikistan, living and working outside of Tajikistan, who want to save and accumulate their savings, remitting the funds to the opened deposit account.
The procedure of issuance of the deposit Hamvatan consists of transfer of money on the name of the Depositor by the potential depositor through the money transfer system CONTACT.
In view that at the moment all the branches of Agroinvestbank are capable of receiving transfers on the money transfer system CONTACT, in the presence of the codeword hamvatan, the funds should be entered in an general account Saving deposits- foreign currency, with further delivery of the amount into separately opened deposit accounts. Presence of the codeword hamvatan in payment details serve as a basis for opening deposit accounts and appropriate information for the system about the Depositor.
According to achieved agreements with AKB Russlavbank (CJSC), in realization of transfers on the code hamvatan in the transfer receiving points, public agreement (offer) of Agroinvestbank will be printed automatically and presented to the client indicated all the rights and responsibilities of the Depositor and the Bank.
Interests are charged on the rate set for this deposit and apply to deposit account after deduction of income tax. In case of renewing the account by the Depositor in a different currency, a deposit account is opened in a currency of entered funds and further inpayments from it will be entered in deposit accounts in appropriate currency. 
Receipt (use) of funds from the deposit account by Depositor should be done by directly approaching the bank, presenting passport, details of which were used during transferring money and receipt about the transfer.

Key conditions on saving deposit Hamvatan

Minimum amount of deposition
Term of use Till called for and unlimited;
Interest rate on deposit In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date;
Special conditions on the deposit Possibility of capitalization of interests on the deposit;
Amount of additional receipt of funds Unlimited;
Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit Monthly capitalization;
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