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Acquiring - Acceptance of plastic cards in Retail business establishments (RBE)

     Our bank offers you cooperation in service of bank cards to pay for goods and services provided by your company. Plastic cards have become a common form of payment for goods and services and increasingly replacing cash flow. Payment for goods and services by the bank cards is a progressive form of transactions between seller and buyer. Cards are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. The number of holders is growing steadily, these are employees of companies who receive wages on bank cards, foreign tourists who are accustomed to this form of payment, and ordinary citizens who dont want to carry large sums of cash with them.
     Cooperation with OJSK "Agroinvestbank" in the area of plastic cards will provide a growth of potential for your business. We encourage you to increase the efficiency of your business by taking as an instrument of payment plastic cards of international payment system - Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide and the KAD. By signing a contract with us, your organization will not only implement convenient and modern form of payment without additional cost, but also will receive a number of competitive advantages:
1 Refine the image of your company through the use of modern technologies and provide to the customer choice of payments.
2 Appears a potential ability of to increase the volume of trade.
3 - Increase the number of clients and turnovers of your business by:
Attracting new customers - cardholders;
Increase the average amount of purchase;
Purchases through loans on the credit cards.
4 - Safe and convenient payment:
You do not have to worry about counterfeit banknotes and fraud;
Customers are not limited to the amount of available cash;
Cardholders easily come up to unplanned purchases, and buy more expensive products;
Less cash on hand;
Work with the cards is much easier and more convenient;
The cashiers line is less, because the cashier does not lose time to give the change back;
Reducing the number of cash transactions and recounting cash deck;
Reduce costs for collection.
5 - Do not need to open an account with OJSC "Agroinvestbank."
6 - Favorable terms of service and compensation of funds in shortest time;
7 - Co-partner programs for cardholders.
 Clients of "Agroinvestbank" are the numerous retail stores, entertainment complexes, restaurants and other organizations, not only in Dushanbe, but also in all major cities and regions of the Republic of Tajikistan.

How does it work?
1 - The company signs an agreement of acquiring.
2 - OJSC "Agroinvestbank" provides, installs, and connects the necessary modern equipment, which works in online mode with the banking system.
3 - OJSC "Agroinvestbank" provides training to the staff of plastic card using skills.
4 - The buyer represents card when paying for purchase.
5 - Operation takes less than a minute.
6 - Transferring of funds to the account of organization minus commission is being performed.
  The terms of acquiring services of "Agroinvestbank" are among the most profitable in the market and each case is being discussed individually, and no additional investments are required.

Why "Agroinvestbank"?
OJSC "Agroinvestbank" is the largest bank in Tajikistan. It has its own processing center that allows keeping a high level of acquiring service quality at the lowest cost, and eliminating the possibility of leakage of confidential information.

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