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Features: Executed with the purpose of providing opportunity to Depositor to receive mortgage credit in  «Agroinvestbank» on preferential terms.
Recommended: Exclusively to physical persons for procuring or construction of a house through regular payments in their deposit account.
The initial payment on complex product «Hona» in different currencies is set in the amount of not less than 500 units of account’s currency (in Russian roubles - 5 000). Periodicity of inpayments on renewing the account: monthly not more than 1 000 units, but not less than 50 units of account’s currency.
Interest rate of the credit depends on the level of refinancing rate, set by NBT on the current date – 3 % annual. Interest rate on the deposit is floating and depends on the refinancing rate. Term of investment is not less than 3-years. In case of breach in periodicity of inpayments, interests for that period are not charged.
On the complex product «Khona» method of interest capitalization is used, that is, annually after deducting taxes, charged interests apply to increasing the account’s balance.
At compliance with the abovementioned conditions by the wish of the Depositor «Agroinvestbank» offers a loan on procuring (construction) of a house. The amount of this credit is equal to the balance of the deposit on the day of closing the deposit account. Interest rate of the credit depends on the refinancing rate, set by NBT on the current date + 10% yearly with the term of use of the credit up to 5 years. Interest rate on the credit is floating and depends on the level of refinancing rate.

Key conditions on the fixed period mortgage deposit «Hona»

Minimal amount of deposit
Term of deposit use Till called for and unlimited;
Interest rate on deposit According to the interest policy of «Agroinvestbank» on the current date;
Special conditions on the deposit Possibility of interest’s capitalization on the deposit;
Possibility of receiving plastic card;
Amount of additional receipt of funds Unlimited;
Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit Monthly capitalization;
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