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Loan for agriculture sector

Loans for agricultural activities are issued to physical persons, dehkan farms and legal persons for running agricultural activity at the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan that have their own sustainable and perspective agro-business, with experience of successful agricultural activity, availability of own capital and ability to present the Bank enough credit security.
At crediting agricultural activity compliance with the following principles is mandatory:

Requirements to the client

1. Clients age: -from 18 to 62 years old;
2. Subjects for crediting:

  • Dehkan farms with no formation of a legal person that is running agricultural activity in accordance with the legislation of RT.
  • Legal persons running agricultural activity in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of RT.
  • Physical persons implementing agricultural activity in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of RT.
  • Citizenship, actual domicile (registration, passport of RT) and implementation of the activity should be within the territory of RT and in the area of crediting of the Banks subdivision.

3. Loan applications of clients/farmers are reviewed that:

  • have certificate of land use or agreement on rent (except owners of homestead lands).
  • except main crops, farmer should be engaged in cultivation of additional agricultural products or have another source of income.
  • have positive experience in agricultural sector for not less than 1 year.
  • Have skillful agronomist or possibility of receiving qualified consultancy of an agronomist.
  • Do not have current debts in credit institutions.
  • Have positive loan history.
  • Have solvent agricultural business.
  • Do not have previous convictions.

Mandatory conditions

Share of the ownership of the resident of the Republic of Tajikistan in the business should exceed 51%.


Somoni, USD, Russian roubles, Euro

Minimal amount of loan

100 USD or equivalent in Somoni or other currencies.

Loan term

-Loan term to 18 months
-   Tranche allotment is foreseen (to 4- tranches)
-  One-time issue of a loan is possible, if the loan does not exceed 9 months.

Loan purpose

Only circulating assets can e funded:
Purchase of seeds of agricultural crops for cultivating agricultural crops (but not for further resale of seeds and /or their processing)
Purchase of fertilizer for cultivating agricultural crops.
Purchase of fuels for cultivating agricultural crops
Purchase of pesticides for cultivating agricultural crops
Lease of agricultural machinery for cultivating agricultural crops
Transportation costs for cultivating agricultural crops
Payment for employees services (salary) in cultivating agricultural crops
Other expenses linked with funding circulating assets for the purpose of cultivating agricultural crops.

Interest rate

In national currency - 26% per annum

In foreign currency - 25% per annum 

Accrual method

Accounting interests on the balance of the main debt of the credits amount.


According to effective tariffs of OJSC Agroinvestbank.

Method of repayment

-Monthly payment by the method of annuity;
-Monthly payment by equal allotment;
-quarterly payment (interests are paid off monthly).

Period of grace

-Period of grace only on the main debt.
-Details are defined during reviewing of loan application;

Credit security

As a security the bank can accept the following:
- Goods in circulation;
- Homestead;
- Real estate;
- Golden items;
- Equipment;
- Deposit;
- Vehicle;
- Agricultural machinery;
- Harvest of the borrower;
- Guarantee(s).

Documentation necessary for loan application

1. Passport (Head of organization)
2. Tax identification number
3. Certificate about state registration of dehkan farm or legal person. In case, if the client is physical person, these documents are not required;
4.Charter of the organization (only for dehkan farms and legal persons);
5. Balance sheet, on income and losses and movement of organizations cash (only for legal persons);
6. Certificate on use of land or lease agreement;

Parallel crediting

If the client has current loan debt in the bank and his/her financial potential is sufficient for performing two loans, than issue of loan is possible.

To recurrent clients with perfect loan history, possible advantages are foreseen on the loan size and loan term, interest rate, credit security, method of loan repayment and interests.

Branches of the Bank

33 Branches