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Loan for emergency needs 

“Loan for emergency needs ” – is a form of short term crediting (to18 months), allowing the borrower to obtain from the Bank money for realizing emergency costs (payment for received services, running family events, repair of flat and others) and according to the loan contract pay off the loan and interest due.

Crediting on the scheme “Loan for emergency needs” is realized under following conditions:

Requirements to the borrower

1. Age– from 18 to 63 years old, by the peremptory day of repayment of credit for men:  
2. Age  – from 18 to 58 years old, by the peremptory day of repayment of credit for women:
3.Not less than 6 months constant time record in organization, which is in the area of the servicing bank, with the account of the term of contract or job contract;
4. Actual domicile (registration) –in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Loan currency

Somoni, USD, Russian roubles and Euro

Loan size  

From 100 to 5 000 USD or equivalent in different currency

Loan term

From 1 to 18 months

Interest rate

In national currency - 36% per annum

In foreign currency - 30% per annum 

Credit form

Cash or noncash (at the borrower’s option)

Advanced payment


Fee for issuingloan

According to Tariffs on rendered bank services to the clients of the OJSC «Agroinvestbank»

Source of reimbursing credit

Regular source of income of the borrower and his/her guarantee, size of cash assets, enough for reimbursing loan and its interests.

Credit security 

Guarantee not less than one person, whose source of income when necessary is sufficient for execution of liability.

Procedure of loan repayment

Annuity (monthly, by equal allotments with the account of interests)

Special conditions

1. Loan is executed by servicing Bank, by the place of residence of a borrower.
2.  In reviewing application on allocating cash assts issued to a borrower for a loan, not more than 50 %  of total amount of formal income (salary and other additional incomes) of the borrower

For receiving a loan on the scheme “Loan for emergency needs” a borrower must submit to the bank the following documents:
               · Copy of passport and his/her guarantee, with indication of place of residence;

            · Reference from the place of work of a borrower and his/her guarantee on salary;

              ·  Documents approving place of work and his/her guarantee (job contract, work record   card, reference from human resource department);

               · Certificate on assignment of Tax identification number (borrower);

               · 1 photo of the borrower 3
x 4; 

Note: At obtaining loan for the first time, the loan period is for 1 to 12 months. In case of good credit history with the first loan, an opportunity will be provided to identify the loan term with the second term and so on up to 18 months.

Branches of the Bank


33 Branches