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 for 25-05-2024

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Mission of the Bank:

     We combine the wisdom of past generations and modern approach to create conditions for financial success of our Customers, because our Customers, their needs, dreams and aims – are the basis of our Bank activity. 
     The Bank is intended to maintain its leading position by organizing its activities in accordance with international standards of building and maintaining banking business.

     The Bank's mission is to provide a full range of bank products to our customers, which fully satisfy all their needs in obtaining banking services.

Our values:

Commitment to excellence 
Respect for traditions 

Rules of the bank:

To be more than just a bank. 
Pay close attention to every customer 
Build relations with each customer 
Improvement of ourselves and our surrounding day to day

Never use weak spots of our clients 
Every employee is the face of the Bank 
Loyalty to bank and team work

What is Agroinvestbank?

Bank that values each client 
Bank that helps every client 
Bank that can be trusted 
Bank that is financially sustainable 
Bank that will not cheat 
Bank where services are efficiently and promptly delivered 
Bank, which solves the problems upon the customers interests 
Bank which constantly self improves, in order to make our customers happy 
Bank of international standing

The best bank of Tajikistan!

Branches of the Bank


33 Branches