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Loan securing deposit

Loan securing deposit is a short term form of crediting (to 8 months) provides opportunity to receive money from the bank for realizing unforeseen expenses.
Crediting on the scheme Loan securing deposit is realized under the following conditions:

Requirements to the borrower 1. Age - adults
2. Actual place of residence (registration) in the Republic of Tajikistan
Loan currency Somoni, USD, Russian roubles, Euro
Loan size From 200 USD or equivalent in other currency but not more than the amount of saving with the account of the loans interests due.
Loan term   For 8 months
Interest rate According to the interest policy of the bank
Loan form   Cash or noncash (by the borrowers option)
Advanced payment Allowed
Fee for issuing loan According to the Tariffs on bank services to clients of the OJSC Agroinvestbank.
Credit security   Cash assets that are on the saving account, conditioned by a term.
Procedure of loan repayment * Annuity (every month, in equal allotment with the account of interest) 
** Monthly payment of interests, with repayment of the main debt at the end of the loan.
Special conditions   1.Loan is executed on the borrower;
2.Contract on taking cash assets as security is mandatory;
3.Credit is executed in operational structure where money are saved;
4.In case of receiving application for the amount of more that 20 000 USD or equivalent in any other currency, it is necessary to agree it with the Board of the retail bank.

For receiving loan on the scheme Loan securing deposit a borrower must submit to the bank (loan officer) the following documents:
Certificate about assigning Tax identification number (borrower);
1 photo of a borrower 3 x 4;
Copy of a contract on savings.

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