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Features: Executed with the purpose of providing opportunities to Depositor obtain at Agroinvestbank consumer credit in concessionary terms with the purpose of childrens education in high schools.

Recommended: To physical person with the purpose of accumulating capital for providing conditions of receiving high quality education for children. The initial deposit on the complex product Durakhshon in different currencies is set in the amount of not less than 500 unites of accounts currency (in Russian roubles 5 000). Periodicity of depositing in funds for renewing account: monthly not more than 1 000 units, but not less than 50 units accounts currency.
The interest rate of a loan depends on the level of refinancing rate, set by National Bank of Tajikistan on the current date as 3 % yearly. The interest rate on the deposit is floating and depends on the level of refunding interest rate. The term of deposit of this deposit is not less than 18 months. 
On the complex product Durakhshon a method of capitalization of interests is used, that is every year after tax deduction, the charged interests are applied to increase of the account remainder.
In compliance with the above mentioned conditions by the wish of the Depositor, he/she is given the right to obtain consumer credit on concessionary terms, for the purpose of education of children in high schools;

    The amount of this credit is equivalent to the amount of the remainder of deposit on the date of closing the deposit account. The interest rate of the credit depends on the level of refinancing rate, set by the National Bank of Tajikistan on the current date + 10% annual with the term of credit use up to 2 years.

 The general conditions of the saving deposit Durakhshon

Minimum amount of deposit 

Not less than 100 units of accounts currency; (in Russian roubles 1000);


Somoni, US Dollars, Euro, Russ Rubles;

Term of use

Not less than 18 months;

Interest rate on deposit

In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date minus 3% per annum;

Amount of additional receipt of funds

Monthly, not less than 20 units and not more than 1000 units of accounts currency;

Not more than 2 inpayments to deposit a month;

Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit

Annual capitalization.


Branches of the Bank

33 Branches