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Certificates and licences

OJSC  Agroinvestbank  has licences for implementing:  bank operations, currency operations with foreign currency, for cash operations, intermediary services in the market of capital, for realization of operations with precious metals.

Number of licences and date of issuance

  • NBT 3    as of 27.03.1992  
  • NBT 3/1 as of  30.08.2002  
  • NBT 3/2 as of   30.08.2002
  • NBT 3/3 as of   30.08.2002  
  • NBT 3/4 as of   18.11.2004  
 Agroinvestbank has types of licensed activities for:
  • Acceptance of deposits from legal and physical persons;
  • Opening and maintain clients accounts and non-bank financial institutions;
  • Transfer operations: implementing assignments of legal and physical persons on money transfer;
  • Accounting operations: accounting (discount) of papers and other debt instruments of legal and physical persons;
  • Loan businesses: providing loans in money;
  • Financing capital investments by the assignment of owners and disponents of the invested funds;
  • Bank trust operations: management of cash assets, capital for the interest and by the assignment of a principle;
  • Clearing transactions: collection, checking, sorting and approval of payments and doing mutual settlement of accounts and identifying clear positions of clearing participants;
  • Collateral operations: providing short term loans under on deposited, easily realized capital and personal assets;
  • Acceptance for collection, accent, payment and approval of payment documents, opening and approval of commercial letters of credit;
  • Encashment and transmission of bank notes, coins and values;
  • Warranty operations: issuance of guarantees, and other commitment for the third person, providing execution with cash, guarantee type of letters of credit (letter of credit stand by);
  • Letting property with maintaining owner rights of the tenant for the leased property for the entire currency of contract (leasing);
  • Factoring operations: acquiring rights of demand for payment from the consumer of the good (works, services) with non-payment risk assumption;
  • Forfeiting operations: payment of the bill of a consumer of goods (services, works) through purchase of papers without the sellers obligation;
  • Emission of own capital (shares, obligations, papers and deposit certificates);
  • Organization of exchange operations with foreign currency;
  • Issuance of payment cards;
  • Investment operations outside of Tajikistan;
  • Cash operations: receipt, conversion, exchange, currency exchange, packing and keeping bank notes and coins;
  • Intermediary operations at the capital market.

Branches of the Bank

33 Branches