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     OJSC "Agroinvestbank" is the largest bank of the Republic of Tajikistan and has high indicators of reliability. In our bank you always count on high quality service. Our specialists will help you to decide on the choice of a plastic card; will consult you about features of different cards, tariffs, benefits and discounts.
OJSC " Agroinvestbank " is not only a leader at the market of plastic cards, but also an innovator. The bank constantly develops and offers its clients new products and services that comply with high international standards. Construction of own processing centre "In-House" allows implementing operations on cards rapidly, reliably and with least expenditures.
     At "Agroinvestbank " you can choose plastic card which is more  acceptable for you: from inexpensive  electronic card to prestigious gold. You can choose any payment system: Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide or local cards D (the First Internal Card).
Residents of the regions of Tajikistan can open an account and order plastic card in all the branches of the bank.

At execution of an order and making of plastic card the following are required from the client:

  • National passport / foreign passport;
  • Photo (colour or white & black);
  • Fee for making the card and opening deposit account
  • Application of the client for opening bank deposit account and making plastic card;
  • Personal data of the client.
Bank from its side offers:  
  • Agreement on bank deposit account to the plastic card;
  • Rules of use of account and plastic card;
  • Details for bank transfer of money to the bank deposit accounts by plastic cards;
  • Banks tariffs on operations with the use of plastic cards.
The card is made during 2 working days after submission of application by a client for making card and opening deposit account at OJSC " Agroinvestbank ".

Storing safety and use
Statistic says that most of the problems with safe use of plastic cards happen because of loss of the latter by its owner. Therefore, using a card try to be accurate and attentive. In case of unforeseen circumstances, try to call " Agroinvestbank " at (+992) 236-51-73, 236-51-69 as soon as possible.
In order to block the card, it is required to inform the operator about the number and expiration date of the card and answer some of the operators questions. You must specify the name (first name, last name and middle name) of the operator who had taken your information.
Put in an application and sent it by fax to " Agroinvestbank " at: (+992) 236-51-69. In your application write details of the loss or theft of the card, as well as about its illegal use if you have learnt of any. After receiving your application the bank will terminate use of this card.
Try to use reliable and trusted internet shops. As a rule, trusted internet-shop offers make payments with use of certified means of information security: SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) or SET standard (Secure Electronic Transaction).
Use of plastic cards is absolutely safe if you follow tips given in this section. Read our recommendations and do not forget to follow them. Keep the plastic cards in a safe place eliminating access to it by third persons.
If you enter PIN code incorrectly three times the ATM will keep it and block it. This is a special safety measure in case if frauds try to pick up your PIN code. If you card was blocked by the banks ATM, cal the bank where they will help you to return it. If the card was kept by ATM of another bank, they you will need to address that bank which owns the ATM. Usually upon presenting documents the card is returned to the owner. However, there are moments when by the rules of a bank, delivery of the blocked card is not provided. In this case approach "Agroinvestbank " by calling (+99) 236-51-69.
Paying for a purchase with plastic card, make sure the operation on your card is done at your presence. Do not allow the shop assistance to take your card to another room and keep it in view. Present your card for paying only in those shops which you fully trust. Especially it is important to remember about this during travelling in countries of Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Make sure the card does not contact with objects that have strong magnetic field. It is not advised to put the card on TV or audio system this can lead to demagnetizing of the card.
 Immediately inform " Agroinvestbank " about loss of your card. Your card will immediately be unblocked.  The earlier you inform the bank, the less chance is given to frauds.

Branches of the Bank

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