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Features: Assumes a timetable of account replenishing in the Deposit Agreement, which ensures the growth of balance. In addition, permission to withdraw up to 10% of the deposit amount remained once a month.

Recommended: For savings to any date or event.

In cases when the depositor has the ability to make regular replenishing into account, providing a regular growth, the savings deposit is issued ("Mufid"). It is also recommended to the citizens who wish to accrue funds through deductions from their salaries to accumulate funds for some date or event.

The general conditions of the time deposit Mufid

Minimum amount of deposit 

Not less than 100 units of accounts currency; (in Russian rubles 1000);


Somoni, US Dollars, Euro, Russ Rubles;

Term of use

Not less than 1 year;

Interest rate on deposit

In accordance with the interest policy of Agroinvestbank for the current date;

Amount of additional receipt of funds

Unlimited but not less than 20 units of the currency for the single fund flow;

Term and procedure of interests charges on the deposit


Additional information

Capitalization of deposit interest provided;

Plastic card given if requested;

Ability to withdraw up to 10% of the deposit amount remained once a month


Branches of the Bank

33 Branches